ROME – Is a true polymath that has infused his love for Graffiti, Producing, DJing, Beat Boxing and the art of Rhyming into his brand, making him a one man Hip Hop conglomerate.Born and raised in Elmira, New York, music was something that has always been present since Rome’s childhood. However it was seeing raps luminaries The Juice Crew, Boogie Down Productions and EPMD that made young Rome passionate about the culture. “I grew up wanting to be Parrish Smith of EPMD ,” Rome says, “he was well-respected lyrically, and he started off as a DJ”. Early on Rome was known as DJ ROME in the streets of Upstate New York, but when it was time for him to go to college in Baltimore; he could not afford his own turntables. Rome explains, “Following the career of Parrish Smith showed me how to make the jump from being a DJ to becoming an MC.”

Arriving in Baltimore, ROME was introduced to the local scene and began his transition into rhyming. In 1997 he became a part of the Launchpad Records collective and was immediately featured on three vinyl releases “Dai In Life / So Many Men” (12”) 1997, “Jezebel / Rizing Suns” (BOSCH) (12”) 1997 and “Crew Family / Keep Your Day Job” (Global Platoon) (12”) 1998. He also shared the stage opening for such greats like Big Pun, Ice Cube, Mob Deep, Redman and the Wu Tang Clan. When creative differences threatened what Launchpad had first established, ROME took a brief hiatus and later hooked up with SIX2SIX RECORDS in 2008.

SIX2SIX RECORDS a Baltimore / NY based independent rap label that specializes in limited vinyl releases is also home to several underground artists including ROME. Since being affiliated with SIX2SIX RECORDS, Rome has released a fan favorite digital only Mixtape:“Reproduction: Fall of Rome” and his self-produce,self-titled LP, “ROME”. His vinyl credits include appearances on: “Global Platoon – G8 Summit EP'(2012)/ and Fla Fla’s ‘Timeless EP'(2013).He’s currently working on his newest project entitled “Romes Cutts” produced entirely by DJ Cutt (Constant Deviants) due early 2014.

Fresh off their 2013 European Tour, SIX2SIX RECORDS has now become an internationally known musical powerhouse. While on tour in Europe, ROME was a featured headliner at The 4th Annual SWC Night (Music Festival) at the historic Espace AutoGere in Lausanne,Switzerland. He also performed at the World Famous Music Avenue in Paris, France and the crowd frenzied Ethnika Café in downtown Paris. ROME also made his media rounds and was interviewed on 106.3 Radio FPP one of the last non-commercial radio associations in the city of Paris.

During his time in Europe, ROME realized that his music didn’t have an age or time frame after a die hard fan recognized him. He told Rome that he had been listening to his music since the late 90’s and pulled out a CD of “Reproduction: Fall of Rome”. That moment made ROME again committed to putting out good music to supply the needs of his fan base. Rome’s fans truly appreciate the golden era of raps history.They still buy vinyl records; have turntables and are supportive of Rome’s masculine brand of music. Its moody, reflective, and reminiscent of the blues that speaks to the here and now. Creating music is therapy for ROME; it allows him to release tension of life’s struggles while making his audience feel what he feels. Every line he raps has meaning. “My music has the power to affect you greatly”, Rome says. “It’s either going to make you feel positive or negative but it’s going to change your mood.” -ROME