interest in music started at the age of 7yrs old. His biggest musical influences were Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye.

“Hip Hop truly was not introduced to me until around 1986 ,at the age of 11. The very 1st time i heard ERIC B IS PRESIDENT. “during that time i started to pursue writing rhymes, but still lacked the maturity in development in the presentation thereof. By the mid 80s, during the wave of afrocentric influences in Hip Hop, i started dancing for rap groups”

“During this phase, i really picked up the pen and pad and my true
evolution began. this was late 80s to the early 90s, the underground Hip Hop scene in Baltimore City started to be revealed to me more and more . 1st real emcee i met was a brother by the name of ONE SPEAKER SUPREME. A real cool cat!!!!, true representative of the culture, we first connected being rogue graffiti writers but it came a time when Supreme showed me what the Hip Hop culture really meant, and i was listening. Back then i was a big fan of THE JUICE CREW, RAKIM and BDP.My own blueprint to rhyming flourished from these influences” …

“At the age of 17, my first crew was a rap group called PHAZE 3. at the time, i called myself BLACK THE YOUTHFUL PROPHET, but later changed it to SHORTY BLACK to give it a more street feel. My rhyme partners were Corey Price aka K-SWISS & Jahaw Raw aka THE MIGHT KAAM. Our dancers were TANGO (Aaron Glenn) and CASH (Mark Andrews aka Sisqo of the R&B group DRU HILL) & our DJ at that time was DJ PIZAZZ, now known by his birth name JAY CLAXTON, a radio personality on a big name radio station in Baltimore named 92Q. The group broke up over different pursuits in life. So individually we split and then my true solo path began”..

“Now in my late teens, i used to attend a Friday night open mic cipher at a record store in downtown Baltimore from a invite by DJ SILK, reppin’ 100PROOF ENT. (founded by DJ ROCKIT) the invite introduced me to a haven of emcee’s, much older than me at that time. Some of the names were M.I.C, a dope Italian cat from Park Heights, now known as MR IMPOSSIBLE from the ill rap group CONSTANT DEVIANTS. A few others were LABTEKWON, K-RUTHLESS, MR WES, MINDS EYE, R.O.(ROME) AND HARCORE, BOSCH, ILLOGIC, PROFAZE, so many to name. 909 W. Saratoga Street on a Friday night was the LIONS DEN, and that experience built my character as a emcee”

“I got very close with Supreme, M.I. and Labtekwon and we started a group called THE BLACKHEAD ASSASSINS. went to every small cafe, pub, underground club, open mic rhyme ciphers, wherever we could just to rip and rep who we were. Going into my early 20s, i decided to drop my Shorty Black title and call myself STEVE COLOSSAL. I did so many collaborations, different producers, many shows and performances came following after. Now in my Mid 30s, i speak a lot from my heart and soul about hidden truths in this world and how i see it on a whole. before we are called to the essence, my only request is that people remember me as a real representative of the Hip Hop culture..